"Yoo-hoo....Ulysses....I've been calling for you! Where you been, Honey? Hope you're not caught between that rock and a hard place....Curse you Scylla! And you too, Charybdis! I'm lonely, and I want my man!!"All Fyhrworks' mermaids are costumed, that is, the doll has legs (and she knows how to use them!) under her fin. Why? Because Fyhrworks loves to indulge human fantasy regarding mer-creatures, but feels that to be fair, she should also indulge every mermaid's fantasy to be human. And mermaids are notorious for making questionable bargains with evil sea witches just to experience blarney!Aphrodite, the mermaid siren is completely handcrafted by Fyhrworks and stands overall (with fin) approx. 14" tall, 11 1/2" naked. She has a feather-festooned headdress and a feather peplummed fin with hand sewn crystal beads. Tiny purple fishes run laughing through her fingers from her stretchy lime-green gauntlets and all her hand-made jewelry. She is fabulous! She is hot! I think the sparkling waves are calling you to kiss her white laced lips (actually more of a mauve, but Jack Bruce never met this enchantress!Here's the construction details blurb: This doll was designed by Fyhrworks (Yes, that is correct! Fyhrworks drafted each tiny pattern piece, sharing her special gift from God for imagining 3 dimensional objects in 2 dimensions!) The doll (and also her clothing) was individually hand cut by Fyhrworks and sewn on her beloved Bernina sewing machine (30 stitches per inch with an 1/8 inch seam allowance) from pure new wool felt ($30-40 a sq. yd.) Each tiny body part is then turned right side out (a feat which requires super-human hand strength), stuffed with cleaned and carded wool (plus a tiny, plastic heart), jointed (and no! No doll supplier even makes joints that small! Fyhrworks uses 12 and 15mm animal eyes!), and then hand stitched to close seams. After assembly, she gets her face on. Her face is a mask-type which is molded in a two-stage process using Fyhrworks' own original sculpture, first with buckram (which must harden overnight) and then with wool felt applied to the trimmed buckram mask (again allowed to set overnight). The mask is then sealed and hand-painted. (No two are ever exactly alike!) Her wig is crafted from curly wool roving (which can be straightened, btw) that comes pre-dyed in over a dozen realistic shades that can also be mixed. It is then sewn, rooted and styled. (But NEVER try to comb it! Roving is not a continuous filament, but rather many short strands that just appear continuous.) The doll is then dressed and photographed and hopefully sold through eBay or an art gallery. When the doll doesn't sell, Fyhrworks' heart breaks. So if you think these dolls are neat, but want something just a little different, PLEASE QUESTION THE SELLER! Fyhrworks doesn't know what she'd do without this creative outlet. (She also doesn't know what she'd do without parentheses - they were simply MADE for those with Attention Deficit Disorder, were they not?). She adores making these dolls and puts heart and soul into them! She wants to fulfill dreams with them, but while she is endlessly intuitive, she is NOT A MIND READER! So PLEASE let her know what you might desire.....Do you want to see a girl's brown body dancing through the turquoise? Fyhrworks would love to do an African American mermaid fact, she probably will!....Thanks for looking!